Change Medical Director

This service allows healthcare facilities to request changing their Medical Director. This requires the appointment of new Medical Director from the Facility's professionals.

Average Processing Time


*1 Working day for scenarios that do not fulfil the service criteria

Who Can Apply

    • Delegated Healthcare Facility Representatives


    • Select medical director

Required Documents

Service Steps

    • Submit online application after selecting the medical director
    • Professional approves online invitation
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA review
    • Medical director is changed and updated license is issued

Service Tutorial

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

    • Draft applications that are inactive for over 3 months will be cleared from the account. A 15 day reminder will be sent to the registered email.

Service Limitations

    • Facility license must be active   
    • Selected professional must not be the medical director of another facility OUTSIDE the current facility group   
    • Selected professional must meet the healthcare facility Medical Director requirements 
    • Selected professional must have an active license   

Approximate Cost

AED 1000