Payment of Fines

This service allows healthcare facilities to pay for single or multiple fines that have been issued against their licenses. Payment can also be requested in instalments if value of the fine exceeds AED 20,000, excluding knowledge and innovation fees.

Average Processing Time


* 4 Working days for instalments

Who Can Apply

    • Delegated Healthcare Facility Representatives


Required Documents

    In case of request for instalments:

    • Proof of inability of payment

Service Steps

    To pay your fines, or request payment in instalments, please proceed to your dashboard and click on the Violations widget.


    In case of paying fines:

    • Select and Pay Fines

    In case of request for instalments:

    • Select Fines for Instalments and submit evidence of inability to pay fines
    • DHA review
    • If approved, applicant is required to physically submit post-dated cheques to DHA

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal


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Additional Information

Approximate Cost

Installment Fees - Per Cheque - 4 Cheques: AED 0

Installment Fees - Per Cheque - 5 Cheques or more: AED 300