Add/Upgrade Professional License

This service allows Healthcare Facilities to update the licenses of their Healthcare Professionals who upgraded their titles or added new positions on their registrations. Any updates made to the Healthcare professionals' registration can be applied to their license.

Average Processing Time


Who Can Apply

    • Delegated Healthcare Facility Representatives


    • Valid medical malpractice insurance covering the professional with the updated/added position.
    • Pay outstanding fines (if applicable).

Required Documents

    • Valid passport copy (if not previously updated on the system)
    • Valid emirates ID (if not previously updated on the system)

Service Steps

    • Submit online application (To upgrade a Trainee license, the license must be cancelled first then re-activated once the professional completes the registration upgrade process)
    • Pay required fees
    • Professional license is updated and eLicense is generated
    • Updated license card delivered

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

Approximate Cost

Update Professional License Fees AED 200