Request Good Standing Certificate

This service allows current or previously licensed DHA Healthcare Professionals to request for Good Standing Certificates. The certificate can be retrieved from the application located in the professional account closed applications section.

Average Processing Time

1 working day

Who Can Apply

    • Current or previously DHA licensed Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare, Nurses/Midwives, Traditional & Complementary & Alternative Medicine).
    • Healthcare professionals must be licensed with DHA for at least 3 months in order to be eligible to apply to this service. 
    • Healthcare Professionals licensed by DHA in private Healthcare Facilities before 1999 will not be issued Good Standing Certificates. 


    • Pay outstanding fines (if applicable)

Required Documents

    • Valid passport copy (if not up to date in the system)
    • End of Service Letter (for Government healthcare professionals)

Service Steps

    • Fill and submit online application
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA review
    • GSC letter is generated and a copy is emailed to other recipient (upon the professional's request in the application)

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal
    • DHA mobile app

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Additional Information

Approximate Cost

AED 500