Schedule Oral Assessment

This service allows Healthcare Professionals going through registration service to schedule oral assessments (normal or urgent). The access to this service is only enabled following the completion of DHA review of the services 'Get Registered' or 'Add/Upgrade Professional Registration' and if oral assessment is required. When mandated, oral assessments are required to complete the registration process.

Average Processing Time

5 working days (from submission date to scheduling)

Who Can Apply

    • Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare, Nurses/Midwives, Traditional & Complementary & Alternative Medicine) going through a registration service who have explicitly been mandated to pass an oral assessment.


    • Obtain a conditional approval following DHA review of the services 'Register Professional' or 'Add/Upgrade Professional Registration'.

Required Documents

Service Steps

    • Applicant views and selects the preferred date or date range
    • Pay required fees
    • Oral Assessment team confirms assessment date
    • Oral assessment is conducted
    • Receive results on Sheryan (registration is issued in case of passing the assessment)

Service Tutorial

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

    • Draft applications that are inactive for over 3 months will be cleared from the account. A 15 day reminder will be sent to the registered email.

Service Limitations

    • Professional must not be suspended, revoked or blacklisted

Approximate Cost

Normal Oral Assessment Fees AED 250
Urgent Oral Assessment Fees AED 2000