Raise License Cancelation Issues

This service allows Healthcare Professionals to request license cancellation in case the facility refuses to cancel their license. Cancelling the Full-time license will result in changing the status of the Part-time license from "Active" to "Inactive".

Average Processing Time

5 working days

Who Can Apply

    • Licensed Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare, Nurses/Midwife, Complementary Alternative Medicine).


    • Pay outstanding fines (if applicable)

Required Documents

    • Proof of Resignation Letter / written notification submission to the facility and
    • One of the following documents:
      • Employment Visa cancellation
      • Labor Card cancellation from previous health facility
      • Labor Card under the new health facility
      • New employment visa under the new health facility
      • Temporary permission to work in the new health facility from Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) along with filing an official labor dispute 

Service Steps

    • Fill and submit online application form
    • DHA review and action

Service Tutorial

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

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Additional Information

    • View the service detailed User Guide
    • In case of no official legal binding (e.g. contract, labor card or employment visa) between the health facility and concerned professional, the request will be granted
    • Draft applications that are inactive for over 3 months will be cleared from the account. A 15 day reminder will be sent to the registered email.

Service Limitations

    • The request for professional license cancellation should be submitted online. Verbal or hard copy requests shall be denied.

Approximate Cost