Request License Details Verification

This service allows current or previously licensed DHA Healthcare Professionals to submit other authorities license details verification forms to DHA 


Average Processing Time

10 working days

Who Can Apply

    • Current or previously DHA licensed Healthcare Professionals 


Required Documents

    • Copy of Bank transfer reference number or Cash deposit slip of AED 520 to the below bank details:
      Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank
      Beneficiary Name: Dubai Health Authority – Health Regulation Sector 
      Account number: 001700005099742
      IBAN: AE960240001700005099742
    • Copy of Verification form
    • Copy of Last DHA license
    • Copy of valid passport 
    • Copy of Degree/ Qualification

Service Steps

    • Click below on "Request service" to forward the verification form to along with required documents
    • DHA review of request form
    • Filled form will be sent via email to the professional

Service Tutorial

Service Channel

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Additional Information

    • Draft applications that are inactive for over 3 months will be cleared from the account. A 15 day reminder will be sent to the registered email.

Service Limitations

Approximate Cost

AED 520