Renew Professional Registration

Maintaining an active registration secures the approved position without the need for re-assessment (providing there is no discontinuity in practice), in addition to being listed in Dubai Medical Registry. The Registration can be renewed within three (3) months of its expiry date or within three (3) months post the cancellation of the professional license.

This service is designed for healthcare professionals planning to practice in Dubai by keeping their registration records updated with recent qualification(s), experience(s) and other required documents.

Average Processing Time

5 working days

Who Can Apply

    • DHA registered or licensed Healthcare Professionals


    • The required documents (experience, valid license and good standing certificate) must be submitted on the Verification agency website to receive verification result
    • Pay outstanding fines (if applicable)

Required Documents

    • Valid passport copy (if not previously updated on the system)
    • PSV result for required documents (experience, valid license and good standing)
    • Logbook for surgical specialties (in case of clinical gap exceeding 2 years)

Service Steps

    • Complete the process of primary source verification (PSV) for required documents (experience, valid license and good standing)
    • Fill, link and submit application online 
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA review
    • In case of approval, registration is restored to full registration

Service Tutorial

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

    • View the service detailed User Guide
    • Draft applications that are inactive for over 3 months will be cleared from the account. A 15 day reminder will be sent to the registered email.

Service Limitations

    • Registration must not be expired 
    • Professional must not be revoked or blacklisted 
    • Professional must not have unpaid outstanding fines

Approximate Cost

Renew Registration Fees AED 200