Add/Upgrade Professional Registration

This service allows Healthcare Professionals to upgrade into a higher titles or add new positions to their registration.

Average Processing Time

1 working day

Who Can Apply

    • DHA registered or licensed Healthcare Professionals


    • Submit required documents on the Dataflow website and receive verification result
    • Pass any required Computer Based Testing (CBT) assessments

Required Documents

    • Valid passport copy (if not previously uploaded on the system).
    • Logbook for surgical specialties

Service Steps

    • Complete Self Assessment Tool service (optional)
    • Complete the process of primary source verification (PSV) through the Dataflow website and Pass any Computer Based Testing (CBT) through Prometric 
    • Fill, link and submit online application
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA reviews the application and provides results (Approve, Reject or Return for more information). Depending on the professional position, DHA may require an oral assessment. 
    • Pass oral assessment (if required)
    • In case of approval, the updated registration will be issued including the requested changes

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

Approximate Cost

Credentialing Fees AED 200