Frequently Asked Questions

New Healthcare Facility License

What is the maximum number of doctors that can share a clinic/ consultation room?

Two full-time physicians/dentists can share one room, providing their specialties require the same setting.

Can IVF services be added to a polyclinic?

IVF services can only be offered in a standalone facility. However, for consultation purposes, the specialty can be added in hospitals and polyclinics.

What is the nurse to doctor ratio?

1.    Assistant Nurse to Registered Nurse ratio is 2 : 1. However, for homecare facilities; it is required to have 8 nurses in total (each 3 AN under 1 RN)

2.    Registered nurse /Assistant nurse to Physicians ratio is 1 : 2

3.    Registered nurse /Assistant nurse/Dental assistant to Dentist ratio is 1 : 1

What are the requirements to have a portable x-ray machine?

The facility has to add the specialty of Diagnostic or Radiology service and only a Diagnostic Radiology/Radiology physician can operate the machine. In addition, an approval from FANR and Dubai Hospital is required.

Is a Dubai Municipality approval required for a Hospital/Day Surgical Center license initial approval?

The applicant has to provide an approval from Dubai Municipality to turn the specific land location into a Hospital/DSC.

What is a school/Nursery proof document?

It is the school/nursery license from KHDA (different from the trade license).

What is the validity of the Inactive facility license?

The license is valid for one year, subjected to renewal.

Is medical tattooing or tattoo removal and/or semi-permanent make-up considered a licensed specialty?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedure are unlicensed professional specialties. They are privileges granted by the Medial Director upon fulfilling certain requirements.

Activate Facility License

Can I reschedule the inspection date?

Yes with no additional fees. However, if failed inspection a new appointment must be scheduled and new fees must be paid.

Who can become the medical director to my facility?

The professional with the most senior titles to be the Medical Director of the facility.

What is the validity of the active facility license?

The license is valid for one year, subjected to renewal.

Renew Facility License

At the time of facility license renewal, what should be the validity of the DED license?

The DED license should be valid for not less than 3 months.

Close Facility

Can we request an extend for the facility closure?

Facility closure must not exceed 6 months, however, extended periods shall be subjected to DHA review and approval.

Cancel Facility License

I want to cancel the facility license, how shall I cancel the Medical Director license?

First, all other professionals’ licenses must be cancelled. Then apply to cancel the facility license and the medical director’s license will be canceled automatically with the facility license cancelation.

I want to cancel the license of the facility Medical Director, but I have no current replacement. What shall I do?

Kindly contact DHA by email to study your case and this is subjected for approval.

Facility Group

What is meant by facility Group?

A group is defined as the facilities with the same ownership. They can all be grouped in the system using “Add Facility to Group” service, providing evidence of shared ownership. Healthcare professionals can then rotate between the group facilities without the need for a part time license (According to Circular no. 80) – However the branches must be listed in the professional account.

Sheryan system and account

What is Sheryan system?

Sheryan is the name given to DHA’s online licensing system for healthcare facilities professionals.

What are the payment channel available on Sheryan?

Only online payment through Credit Card (Visa or Master card), Direct Debit and eDirham is accepted.

Where can I find details about different licensing processes?

All services and their related information including timeframe, fees, requirements, etc. can be found in the respective service catalogue.

Professional Registration

I would like to work in the Emirate of Dubai, how do I know if I am eligible for a DHA healthcare professional license?

To view the eligibility criteria, please check the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements. In addition, you may access our free 'Check Eligibility' service, to get an instant evaluation on your credentials.

How will benefit from joining Dubai Medical Registry?

By becoming a part of the Dubai Medical Registry you are part of the leading healthcare hub in the region, joining over forty thousand licensed and registered professionals for a chance to start practicing in the emirate of Dubai and to maintain the position approved by DHA.

Can I start practicing once I have an active registration?

A valid registration is like an eligibility proof to start job hunting in Dubai. The registration must become an active license by a hiring facility in order to start practicing.

What does a position mean?

A position consists of Category (e.g. physician, dentist), Title (e.g. specialist, consultant) and Specialty (e.g. cardiology, pediatrics). Each professional is allowed to hold a maximum of 3 positions.

I have an active Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) license, am I eligible to practice under DHA?

If you are a physician or a dentist, then you are required to apply for the register professional service in order to be able to activate a part time license under DHA. For other categories and for a full time physician and dentist license under DHA, you need to apply for “Register Professional” service.

Can I include more than one position in the application?

You may include up to 3 titles/specialties of the same category in each application. Different category titles/specialties must be applied in separate applications.

Is the high secondary school certificate (As per my country specific education) required for the application process?

Yes, it is mandatory to upload it in the application unless your qualification is a BSc or a higher qualification.

Do I have to attest my certificate(s)/ documents from UAE embassy in my country before apply for the license?

No, you are not required to attest any document(s) unless specifically requested by DHA in the application.

I haven’t been clinically practicing for more than 2 years, am I eligible to apply for DHA license?

Yes you are, however, the gap of clinical practice must not exceed 5 years for non-locals and 10 years for locals. The credentialing team will evaluate your documents and might set a trainee title restriction on your registration. After you complete the required training and CPD points, you may apply to update your title.

What is meant by Good Standing Certificate (GSC) requested in the registration application?

Good Standing certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body, confirming the healthcare professional Good Standing (Lack of any malpractice) of his/her practice. The submitted letter must not be older than 6 months.

My title is not listed in the Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements document (PQR), what shall I do?

The titles listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements are the only approved titles for the healthcare professionals licensed by DHA, MOH and DOH-Abu Dhabi.

Note: You may apply for the most relevant (closest) title to your qualification and experience through “Check Eligibility” service and DHA will review your eligibility as per your credentials.

Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)

What is meant by PQR?

PQR refers to the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements which is the licensing guideline followed within UAE by the regulatory authorities, Ministry of Health and Prevention,  Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority. It lists the licensing titles and the requirements and specification for each of those titles. The PQR document have been transferred into a free automated service, where you can get an immediate evaluation of your credentials.

How often does a PQR gets updated?

Every 2 to 3 years the Authorities (Ministry of Health and Prevention. Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority) publish an updated version of the document that may include new titles, recognized countries and updated requirements.

If I do not agree with the Check My Eligibility automated result position, how shall I continue?

You may proceed with 'Review Eligibility' which is a manual service requesting the credentialing team to check your eligibility for the position you are applying for.

Primary Source Verification (PSV)

What is Primary Source Verification (PSV) as mentioned in the application?

PSV is the process by which DHA verifies the validity / genuineness of the submitted documents, from their sources. The PSV process currently run through an organization called Dataflow and all payments pertaining to PSV is made to Dataflow.

How much is the PSV fee?

PSV is paid in packages (unless you already have an existing report of which you pay AED300 for each additional document and AED 100 for transferring the report to DHA). Otherwise the packages cost is AED 1235 for Physicians and Dentists and AED 935 for all other categories.

How long does it take to get my documents verification?

It takes up to 1 month to receive the Dataflow verification result according to sources accessibility and cooperation.

Is Dubai Healthcare City Authority verification recognized?

Yes it is, please upload the verification document within your application and refrain from verifying those documents with Dataflow.

What is the validity of a PSV report?

PSV reports have no validity. However, DHA may request verification of already verified documents if there have been any updates in them (e.g. extended experience period than the one verified earlier).

Are Dataflow reports issued by other authorities, recognized by DHA?

Yes they are, however there shall apply a report transfer fee of AED 100 dirham and DHA may request verification of already verified documents if there have been any updates in them


What is a Prometric assessment?

DHA conducts Computer Based Testing (CBT) as a mode of assessing the professional applying to practice in the emirate of Dubai. DHA runs its CBTs through a recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing, called Prometric. Prometric, with its centers across the globe, enables professionals of certain specialties to attend the assessment from their home country.

Where does Prometric have their Test centers?

Prometric has 8000 test centers in over 160 countries. Please visit to find the closest center to your location.

Does DHA provide study references?

DHA does not provide any references for (Oral Assessment). However, for Prometric exam, some specialties references are available on Prometric website

If I failed the assessment, when can I appear for a second chance?

There is no grace period to take another assessment.  You may re-apply again once the first attempt is completed.

How can I know if I am exempted from assessment?

All assessment exemptions are listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements and in the Healthcare Professional Licensing Policy

Renew Professional License

Does renewing my registration guarantee approval on the position?

The credentialing team might detect a gap in your practice, which if not compensated by a recent clinical experience within the last 2 years, then a trainee title restriction might be set against your registration.

Can I renew an expired registration?

No, the registration can only be renewed 90 days before expiry of 90 days post the license cancellation date. If the registration expires, you are required to apply again and complete all requirement in order to become registered again.

What is the difference between renewing for a full registration and a provisional registration?

1-  Renew for a provisional registration can be done to maintain the approved position on Dubai Health Registry which does not require providing any additional documents except for a valid passport (DHA review and approval is mandatory upon license activation )

2- Renew for a Full Registration can be done where no gap of practice is detected, the Healthcare Professional will be able to activate the license immediately upon receiving an offer and is not required to provide any additional documents -except for a valid passport (DHA review and approval is not required for license activation )

3- Restore Full registration can be done where a gap of practice is detected, the Healthcare Professional will be able to activate the license immediately upon receiving an offer after providing additional documents which must be submitted and verified by DHA

Will I be fined for not renewing my part time/ trainee license?

In case the part-time or trainee license was not renewed during the mentioned period, the status will be set to Expired with no penalties and can no longer be renewed.

My license has expired for over 6 months. How can I renew it?

The license must be cancelled, arrears penalties must be paid then the facility must apply to activate the license.

Add/Upgrade Professional License

Will updating my full time license reflect on the part time license(s) I have?

No, the part time license position will not change unless you update the part time license.

What is the validity of the updated license?

The updated license validity will remain the same as the current license

Healthcare Professional License

Can I start practicing without receiving my license card?

Yes, the license card will be deliver by courier within 5 working days. An interim license will be issued in the system as well.
Note: The license card has no validity and renewed license card shall not be printed. License validity can always be checked and tracked from the system.

I did not receive my license card although it has been issued more than 5 days ago. What do I do?

Please email Zajel customer care office on or contact their toll free number 80021111.

What is the validity of DHA license?

The license is valid for 1 year, however, the validity will not be printed on the license card. It can be checked and tracked from the system

Why is my activated license status is showing as 'Inactive - Awaiting Facility License’?

If the facility has Initial Facility License Approval with status as 'Inactive' and hired Healthcare Professionals license status will be set to 'Inactive - Awaiting Facility License’ until the facility license gets activated. Professionals must not practice unless their license status becomes Active.

Part time License

How many part time licenses I am allowed to obtain?

Physicians and Dentist can have up to four part time licenses depending on certain criteria on their full time license. Nurses, TCAM ad Allied Health can have up to one part time license. Please contact DHA for further information.

If the full time facility removed my part time approval, will my part time license(s) be cancelled?

The current part time license(s) shall remain active. However, they cannot be renewed and you require the approval to obtain a new part time license(s) in the future.

Can my part time license be of a different position that my full time license?

Yes, you may activate a part time license on a position that is not listed in the full time license.

Does a professional need to apply for part time to work in another branch of the full time facility they are practicing at?

No, according to Circular no. (80) a professional may practice at all branches of the full time facility without the need to apply for a part time license. However, the branches must be listed in the professional’s account.

Trainee License

Why was I given a trainee restriction on my position?

According to the PQR criteria and the credentialing team evaluation you are required to provide additional experience / CPD points to obtain the requested position (e.g. Tier 3 degrees, gap of practice, fresh graduate). Once the requirements are fulfilled, you may update your registration.

Cancel Professional License

My facility is refusing to cancel my license, what can I do?

You should apply for “Raise Conflict” service uploading supportive documents (e.g. New employment visa under new registered healthcare facility, confirmation of employment Visa or labor card cancellation, Temporary permission to work in another healthcare facility from Ministry Human Resources and Emiratization) and DHA shall take the necessary action.

Will my part time license(s) be cancelled if my full time license is cancelled?

No, however their status will be set to “On Hold” until a new full time license is activated or one of the part time licenses is converted into a full time license.

Revoke Professional License

My license is revoked, when can I re-apply for a new one?

DHA shall not accept applications by revoked applicants/Healthcare professionals prior to a period of two (2) years from the date of revocation. Re-applying will be subject to MPC approval and fulfilment of the PQR criteria including positive report of new documents and assessment (if applicable).

Good Standing Certificate

What is the validity of the GSC?

DHA Good Standing Certificate has no validity only an issue date. It is up to the receiving authority to decide whether to accept the certificate or not.

Will the certificate include the name of the facility(s) I am working at?

No, the facility(s) details shall not be included in the issued certificate.

My license is cancelled/ expired, can I apply for a good standing certificate?

Yes, any currently or previously DHA licensed healthcare professional may apply for a GSC (unless licensed for less than 3 months).

Can the good standing certificate be sent abroad?

Yes, only by email (specified by the professional in the application). However, if it must be mailed, DHA shall provide a stamped envelope with the letter that can be forwarded by courier (arranged by yourself).

My license status is revoked/ suspended; can I apply for a good standing certificate?

Yes, however, the letter will not be issued as “good standing certificate” but as a “letter of current status” instead with details of the revocation / suspension.

Can I request for a good standing certificate if I have just been licensed?

GSC cannot be requested if you have been licensed for less than 3 months.


What is the process to verify my license details as requested by other authority(s)?

You or any person repressing you (must have a copy of your valid passport) must visit our office with the required document/ form. The required fees must be paid (AED 500) and the form shall be completed within 5 working days.

Do I need to be physically present in Dubai to apply for the license verification?

No, a representative can request for the verification. However, they must have a copy of your valid passport.

How long does the license verification process take?

The process shall take 5 working days

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

I did not manage to complete all the required CPD points within the given period, what will happen now?

If the professional underachieves their target CPD points for the year then the remaining CPD points must be made up in the following year (next year will start at minus the amount of CPD missed points).

If I have two active positions under different categories, how many CPD points do I have to provide?

If there are multiple categories under the healthcare professional license, the target CPD points are combined (the sum of required CPD points for each category).

Amend Facility License

What is meant by Amending a facility license?

Possible amendments are:
- Add/Remove Specialty
- Change Category
- Change Location
- Expand Facility Location
- Change Bed Capacity
- Add/Remove Add-Ons
- Change Name
- Request Renovation
- Change Facility Layout

What is meant by “Temporary Permit”?

Temporary Permit shall mean adding mobile unit campaigns and fixed temporary locations to the licensed facility.

How can my facility start conducting approved training?

Kindly refer to the DHA training guideline for details pertaining this service.

When a facility changes its name, what would be the process to obtain updated license cards for the professionals?

Upon professionals’ licenses renewal, new cards with the changed facility name will be printed and delivered. Until then, no action from the facility/ professional is required.

Can a specialty be replaced?

Yes, you can add/remove any speciality associated with the facility category. A set number of specialities can be added based on the facility category. 

Will the new issued license after changing owners be valid for an additional year?

The validity of the license shall remain the same.

Fines and Violations

After payment of my license renewal fines, what will be the issue date?

The issue date of the renewed license shall remain as the expiry date

Can I pay my fines/ violations in installments?

Fines cannot be paid in installments. However, violations installment can be accepted provided the professional violation exceeds AED 5,000 and the facility violation exceeds AED 20,000

Health Inspections

What are the types of inspection?

- Final Inspection (for new facilities or any amendments to an existing facility): A scheduled, pre-operational, on-site Inspection conducted by DHA Health Inspectors and/or relevant expertise. It is conducted in order to determine compliance of the facility with DHA regulatory standards and guidelines, which is required to grant the facility an approval to start operating.

- Routine Inspection: an unannounced, on-site visit to DHA licensed healthcare facilities in order to identify compliance with the DHA standards and guidelines.

- File collection Inspection: an Inspection aiming to collect A patient File from the medical records department in A facility, triggered upon A request from the CGO team or by A committee.

- Management order Inspection: an Inspection that is initiated based on adhoc HRS Management request in order to further investigate A medical complaint or as A follow up inspection.

How many Health Inspector should the facility expect on site?

There will be a minimum of two Health Inspectors or an Inspection team consisting of multi sector specialists (for Hospitals/ Day Surgical Centers)

How frequently will my facility be inspected?

An average of 1 to 4 visits per year depending on the Risk Rating Criteria.

What shall I expect from the visit?

- Health Inspectors make objective judgments based on DHA regulatory standards and guidelines and provide constructive recommendations (judgments are based on impartial evidence whether quantitative or qualitative)

- Pictures may be taken for evidence

- Inspectors may request any document related to the Inspection process

-Inspection Report shall be generated at the end of the process

What is expected from the health facility management?

- Complying with DHA health standards and guidelines

- Co-operate with the inspectors during the visit

- Avoid giving misleading information and false statements, which may lead to legal action against the individual or facility

- The on-duty facility representative shall officially sign the Electronic Inspection Report

- Respond to the outcome of an inspection according to the specified period by HRS

What happens in case non-compliance was identified?

Non-compliances (which may lead to a violation) is be documented and informed to the facility representative through the Inspection Report. Corrective actions shall be checked during the next routine inspection.

Where can I access my Inspection Reports?

Inspection reports can be accessed by facility administrators from their facility dashboard

What is considered a violation?

Violations are listed in Decree of the Executive Council No. (32) Of 2012 concerning The Regulation of Practicing Health Professions in the Emirate of Dubai. In addition to any violations /discrepancies related to Controlled and semi-controlled medications

How can we pay the fine in case of violation?

The facility can pay their fines using the ‘Payment of Fines’ online service. Payment can be done through ePay or installments as per the installment policy and approval from DHA Finance Department. 

Can fine payment be done in instalments?

Yes, provided the professional violation exceeds AED 5,000 and the facility violation exceeds AED 20,000. Relevant details can be found in Decree of the Executive Council No. (47) Of 2014


How can the facility apply for medication disposal?

This is a paid online service. Please refer to the facility service catalogue for further details.

How can the facility apply for a CD/SCD medication transfer?

Medication transfer is an online service limited to facilities under one group. Please refer to the facility service catalogue for further details.

When can the facility apply for medication disposal?

The facility can apply for a medication disposal request online in cases of an expired/ damaged CD/SCD medicines. These items shall be kept in a separate labeled container until the audit team does the necessary.