Frequently Asked Questions

New Healthcare Facility License

What are the areas under the jurisdiction of the DHA?

All Dubai areas except Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

When opting to open a new healthcare facility, what are the ownership guidelines?

Owner guidelines is based on Cabinet Decision no. (29) of 2020 concerning Federal Decree no. (4) of 2015 concerning Private Health Facilities

What is meant by the engineering layout?

It is a schematic design drawing in AutoCad format for the facility with clear measurement in (SQM) of each room/area with labels as per the services.

The engineering company must have the activity of “Interior Decoration” or “Architectural Prospective Drawings Services” for Hospitals/Day surgery Center/Fertility Center.

What should be done to obtain a Trade Name Reservation Certificate?

This can be done by submitting an online application and pay the required fees for  DED or Free Zones Authority.

Is a Dubai Municipality approval required for a Hospital/Day Surgical Center license initial approval?

Yes, the applicant has to provide an approval from Dubai Municipality to turn the specific land location into a Hospital/DSC.

Is the medical removal of tattoo/ medical tattoo/ permanent make-up considered a service that requires a license or adding the specialty to the facility?

No, non-surgical cosmetic procedure are services that do not require a license, but are privileges granted by the Medical Director of the facility for professionals who fulfills the criteria as per the Standards for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Services document

What is meant by the Affection Plan (D.M map)?

It is a map from Dubai Municipality or Free zone authority showing the land plot number.

Activate Facility License

What is the validity of the inactive facility license?

The license is valid for one year, subjected to renewal within 3 months before the expiry date.

How to obtain a copy of the facility license after its issuance?

A soft copy of the license & other approval letters are available in the facility profile, “My Applications” page under Closed applications tab.​

Can the professionals start practicing after obtaining the initial facility approval?

​No, the facility must obtain the final approval and get its status changed to “Active” before its professional are allowed to work.

Renew Facility License

What is the validity of the active facility license?

​The license is valid for one year, subjected to renewal.

When applying to renew the facility license, what should be the validity of the DED license?

The DED license should be valid for not less than 3 months.

Temporary Facility Closure

Can we request an extend for the facility closure?

Facility closure must not exceed 6 months, however, extended periods shall be subjected to DHA review and approval.

Cancel Facility License

What should be done to the medical director license when wanting to cancel the facility license?

​First, all other professionals’ licenses must be cancelled. Then upon DHA approval of the facility cancelation, the medical director’s license will be canceled at the same time.

Facility Group

What is meant by a facility Group?

A facility group are the branches of the facility that share the same ownership. This can be documented in the system by applying for “Add Facility to Group” service and providing evidence of shared ownership.
Healthcare professionals can then rotate between the group facilities without the need for a part time license (According to Circular no. 80 pertaining Physicians Transfer Amongst Medical Facilities) – The Medical Director should access the list of professionals from the dashboard page then select the professional and select the option of approving the rotation. The option will be enabled and the professional will be able to issue sick leave certificate under the selected branches immediately (Working in branches of the part time license facility requires applying for another part time license)

Is there any applicable fees for internal transfer of professionals amongst the facility branches?

​No, this permission is completed free of charge for healthcare professionals working under the same facility group.

Sheryan system and account

What is Sheryan system?

Sheryan is the name given to DHA’s online licensing system for healthcare facilities professionals.

How to create an account on Sheryan system?

You may find detailed step-by-step instructions here .

Where can the application status/ comments be found in the system?

Statuses and/or comments can be viewed in the professional / facility account under “My Applications” page in the Active or Closed applications tabs depending on the status of the application.​

Is there a user-guide for Sheryan?

Yes, you may find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply for selected facility and professional services under each service page.

Why was an active application rejected/closed even though it was not submitted back for review?

​As stated in the application Terms and Conditions, DHA reserves the right to reject any application if there is no response from the applicant, for more than 3 months. This will additionally forfeit the applicant's right for a refund of fees, associated to the service.​


What should be done in case there were no options after clicking dropdown menus within Sheryan applications?

To have a better experience while navigating Sheryan system or applying to any of its services, it is advised to use a laptop/personal computer and Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser.
If the issue is not solved, please withdraw the application and re-apply for the service.​​

How can the personal details (Name/ Passport copy/ Nationality/ Gender/ Date of birth/ Profile picture) of the professional be updated on Sheryan account?

​This cannot be done from the account directly, the professional may change those details within any new applications they apply for​.

How can the email address and contact details be changed in Sheryan account?

​This can be done through the settings page by clicking on Edit personal Information (The new email address must not be used in any other Sheryan account)​.

Why is the code to reset Sheryan account password not accepted?

Kindly enter the username instead of email address when applying to change the password as the email might be used in another Sheryan account.​

Why it is not possible to submit an application (only the save button is enabled)?

Kindly make sure that all mandatory fields are filled and that all tabs have turned into the color green. Only then the button to review form will appear.

What are the type of cards accepted for payment on Sheryan?

​The online payment is accepted using Credit Card (Visa or Master card) and Debit card.

What should be done to update the professional personal details in the account?

1.         Passport number and expiry: Done within an active transaction such as Renew Professional License, Activate Professional License, etc.
2.         Name Change: Apply for License Card replacement
3.         Mobile/phone number: Done through candidate’s account
4.         Email: Done through candidate’s account
5.         Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality: Done by sending and email to Health Regulation Support Team with a valid passport copy

Professional Registration

Where can details about different licensing processes be found?

All services and their related information including timeframe, fees, requirements, etc. can be found in the professionals and facilities service catalogue​.​

How can a professional know if he/she are eligible to obtain a DHA license?

To view the eligibility criteria, please check the Unified Healthcare Professional Requirements (PQR)​. In addition, the free “Self-Assessment Tool​” service can provide an instant evaluation on the professional’s credentials.

Are documents in foreign languages other than Arabic or English accepted for the professional license application?

No, documents need to be legally translated and uploaded in the application along with the original copies.​

Is certificate(s)/ documents attestation required for the professional license application?

​No, attestation of document is not required to unless it has been specifically requested by DHA credentialing team.

Is the high secondary school certificate (As per the country specific education) required for the professional license application?

​Yes, it is mandatory to be uploaded in the application unless the applicant degree is a BSc or a higher qualification​.

What is the logbook required in the professional license application?

​It is a record of surgical procedures performed by professional of surgical specialties for the last two years. The logbook should be signed, stamped and include the names, number and dates of performed surgeries. Please note that the logbook does not require Dataflow verification​.

What can be done in case the professional was not required to have a registration/license to practice in the country of last employment?

The professional must provide a formal letter issued by a government entity (Medical Council or Ministry of Health) confirming that the professional is allowed to practice without a registration/license and that he/she are in good standing. If the professional did not manage to obtain the mentioned letter, an official Good Standing Certificate (GSC) from last employer confirming the same must be provided.​

Can the professional still apply for the license in case discontinuity in clinical practice for more than 2 years?

In that case, the professional is considered to be having a gap of practice which must not exceed 5 years for non-locals and 10 years for locals.
Kindly refer to the dicountinuty of practice page in the Unified Healthcare Professional Requirements (PQR)​

What is meant by the term "position" in the registration process?

​A position consists of a Category (e.g. physician, dentist), Title (e.g. specialist, consultant) and Specialty (e.g. cardiology, pediatrics). Each professional is allowed to have a maximum of 3 registered positions.​

If the Self-assessment Tool result was “not eligible”; can the professional still proceed into applying for a registration?

Yes, you may proceed with 'Request a Manual Review’ application; which is a paid service. DHA credentialing team to check if you fulfill the requirements for the position you are applying for.

In case of approval, you will have to proceed into applying for “Get Registered” service.​

Can an expired registration be renewed?

No, the registration can only be renewed in two scenarios: Three (3) months before expiry or three (3) months post the license cancellation date.
In case the registration expires, the professional is required to apply again for “Self Assessment Tool​” service and complete all requirement.

What is the difference between renewing the registration as a Full Registration or as Provisional Registration?

Renewing as Full Registration allows a healthcare facility to activate the professional license immediately, because the professional has already provided verified evidence of experience/ registration for the last 2 years proofing continuity of practice.
​Renewing as Provisional Registration secures the approved position without the need for re-assessment. However, if a healthcare facility wishes to activate the license, the professional must apply to renew the registration into a Full Registration and update their account with verified evidence of continuity of practice.

Does renewing the registration guarantee approval of the position?

Yes, if you maintained an active registration; this guarantees approval of the same position even if the PQR criteria is updated.

Can the professional start practicing once the registration gets activated?

An active registration is like an eligibility proof to start job hunting in Dubai. The registration must be activated into a license by a hiring facility first in order to start practicing.​

How can a previously obtained eligibility letter (on the old system) be renewed?

​If the letter was valid, then the professional would have a valid registration in their account. But in case it was expired, then the professional must apply again starting with the “Self Assessment Tool​” service and uploading a copy of the eligibility letter in the application.

What should be done in case the applicant’s qualification/ country of attained qualification was not listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)?

​The applicant must use the Self-Assessment Tool and select the most relevant (closest) title(s) according to their qualifications and experiences. whether the applicant proceed with "Get Registered" application or Manual review, DHA credentialing team shall evaluate the documents and select the suitable title.

Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)

What is meant by PQR?

​PQR refers to the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements which is the licensing guideline followed within UAE by the regulatory authorities (Ministry of Health and Prevention,  Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority). It lists the licensing titles and the requirements and specifications for each of those titles. The PQR document have been transferred into a free automated Self-Assessment Tool service​, enabling an immediate evaluation of the professional’s credentials.​​

When will be the next update of the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) document?

​The PQR is updated every 2 to 3 years; the updated version may include new titles, new recognized countries and updated requirements.​

What should be done in case the applicant’s title was not listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)?

The applicant must use the Self-Assessment Tool and select the most relevant (closest) title(s) according to their qualifications and experiences. whether the applicant proceed with "Get Registered" application or Manual review, DHA credentialing team shall evaluate the documents and select the suitable title.

Primary Source Verification (PSV)

What is meant by Primary Source Verification (PSV) process?

​Primary source verification (PSV) process aims to ensure safe and effective professional practice by verifying the documents provided for licensure directly from their original source(s). This process is completed by "Dataflow" which is a specialized international verification company.​

What is meant by linking of the Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report result?

​It is a process of electronically linking the verification result in the professional registration applications. To be able to link, start by creating an account on Dataflow website​ and following the applicable steps.

What is the timeframe for a Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report to be completed?

​For regular requests, it takes twenty five (25) working days (from payment date) for a new PSV report to be issued
For express requests, it takes Fourteen (14) working days (from payment date) for a new PSV report to be issued
Five (5) working days (from payment date) for existing PSV reports to be transferred

How can the status of the Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report be tracked?

It is possible to track PSV reports by clicking here.​

What is the validity of the Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report?

​PSV reports have no validity; new documents are added to existing reports. However, previously checked documents may require a new verification in case it has been updated (e.g. an update to the experience duration that has been verified earlier).​

What are the Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report fees?

All Professional Licensing Fees are listed in the following Link including the PSV process fees

Are Dataflow reports issued by other authorities, recognized by DHA?

​Yes they are, however there shall apply a report transfer fee of AED 100 dihrams and DHA may request verification of an already verified document if it has been updated.​

Is Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCC) Primary Source verification recognized by DHA?

Yes, it is. The report should be uploaded in the registration application under “Other Documents” section. The included documents in DHCC report shall not require Dataflow verification, unless there is an update in them (e.g. an update to the experience duration that has been verified earlier).​

How can a previous Primary Source Verification (PSV) - Dataflow report be linked in Sheryan account?

​If the Dataflow verified documents are not present under the “Verifications and CBT Assessments” page in Sheryan account, then the professional must apply for the transfer service on Data​flow website​ (This process may take up to five working days and it is a free service for DHA reports post 2017, for other cases transfer fees shall apply).​

After reviewing the professional’s application, how can a new document be verified as requested by DHA credentialing team?

The professional must login to their Dataflow account​ and create a new case for additional document through the portal.


What is a Prometric assessment?

DHA runs its (Computer Based Testing) CBTs through a recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing, called Prometric. Professionals may attend the assessment in any Prometric​ centers across the globe.
For more information about CBT assessment, please check the guideline


Does DHA provide study references for the licensing exam?

​DHA does not provide any references for (Oral Assessment). However, for Prometric exams please refer to the guideline

When can a professional re-appear for a new assessment in case of failing an earlier attempt?

There is no waiting period to take another assessment. The professional may re-apply once the result of the earlier attempt is published.

What type of exam is required to apply for DHA License?

The applicant is required to pass one assessment only for each position he/she applies for (A Computer Based Testing – CBT or an Oral Assessment). To know the type of the required assessment, complete the “Self Assessment Tool​” service.

What is an Oral Assessment?

​It is an interview by an examining panel conducted in Dubai. The assessment duration for physicians/ dentists assessment is thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes, while for other categories it lasts between twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes.​

What document(s) are needed on the day of assessment?

For Prometric assessment, the applicant must present the original passport/ Emirates ID.
For Oral assessment, the applicant should refer to the instruction in the application.

When and where are the assessment results announced?

The assessment result is not shared with applicants, only the outcome as Pass or Fail is shared.
Results are published within 5 working days in the “Verifications and CBT Assessments” page for Prometric assessment and in the closed "Schedule Oral Assessment" application for oral assessments.

What can be done in case the applicant failed three assessments?

The professional must either obtain a new qualification and fulfil the PQR criteria for a new higher title to be able to apply again. Or re-apply after two (2) years from the publication of the third assessment result, providing there is no gap of practice.

Can an applicant appeal the assessment result?

​Yes, applicant may submit an appeal letter to​ within one (1) month after receiving the results.

Are professionals required to re-take the assessment in case their license was cancelled?

​If the professional does not renew their registration within two (2) years of the license cancelation and the assessment passing result was published more than five (5) years ago, they must pass a new assessment (if no other assessment exemption criteria applies).​

Why there has been no feedback after submitting the oral assessment date range?

​Feedback will be sent three (3) working days or earlier before the selected date range, confirming the availability of an assessment panel and the exam will be scheduled. Otherwise, the professional need to wait until the next selected date range.​

What is the assessment exemption criteria?

Renew Professional License

What are the penalty fees for delays in renewing the professional license?

​To view all fees related to professional licensing click here.

Can an expired professional license be renewed?

Full-time licenses can be renewed within a period of maximum six (6) months from the expiry date, however, penalty for non-renewal shall apply. 
Part-time and Trainee licesnes automatically get cancelled once expired.

How can a professional license that has expired for over 6 months be renewed?

​The facility must apply to cancel the professional license and pay all penalties then they can apply to activate the license again.​

What would be the validity of a renewed professional license in case it was renewed post the expiry date?

The renewed license will be valid one year from the original expiry date

Add/Upgrade Professional License

Why wasn’t the license updated with the new position after completing the Add/Upgrade Professional Registration service?

In order for the updated position to reflect on an active license (full time or part time), the facility must apply for Add/Upgrade Professional License service.
However, if a new facility wants to activate the license for the updated position, the facility should apply for Activate Professional License service​(example: activating a new part time license)​.


What is the validity of the updated professional license (when a new position or an upgraded title is added)?

​The validity shall remain the same as the validity of the license before the update​.

Who is permitted to perform BOTOX, fillers and Mesotherapy procedures?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are privileges granted by the Medical Director of the facility for professionals who fulfills the criteria as per the Standards for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Services document.

Healthcare Professional License

For professionals with cancelled DHA license, is a DHA Good Standing Certificate required when applying for a new registration/ license?

​If the professional is applying for the same position with no new experience outside the jurisdiction of DHA, then there is no need for a good standing certificate.​

Should visiting professionals obtain a DHA license?

Yes, all visiting professionals need to apply for a full-time license in order to clinically practice their specialty in Dubai even if for a limited period of time (procedures and steps are similar to full time professionals).

What is the validity of the professional license?

​The professional license is valid for 1 year.

Why is the professional license status showing as 'Inactive’?

There are two scenarios: 
1) ​If the facility license status is 'Inactive', the Professionals' license status will be 'Inactive’ until the facility license gets activated.
2) If the full time license was cancelled, the part time licesne(s) status will be 'Inactive' until a new full time licesne gets activated.
Clinical practice is not permitted when the license status is Inactive.

What should be done in case the professional license card was not received although it has been issued more than 5 days ago?

​Kindly email the courier company “Zajel” customer care office on or contact their toll free number 80021111.

Can the professional start practicing without receiving the license card?

​Yes, as an interim license will be issued in the facility account (A copy is sent to the professional’s email address as well) until the license card is delivered by the courier company “Zajel” within 5 working days.​

Is malpractice insurance required for license activation?

​Malpractice Insurance should be available and valid, covering the period of the professional’s practice, however, there is no need to upload it in the license activation application​.

Where can the eLicense be found?

The eLicense can be found in the facility account under “Closed” applications tab within the related application.

How to obtain a DHA Professional License?

A career in healthcare in Dubai starts with obtaining a registration then activating it into a license. To apply for the registration the professional must apply for the Self Assessment Tool​ as a first step.

Part time License

How many part time licenses is permitted for professionals?

License position Maximum number of Part Time permissions
General Practitioner*/ General Dentist/ Nurses and Midwives/ Allied Healthcare Professionals/ TCAM 1
Specialist (Non-surgical specialties) 2
Specialist (Surgical specialties) 4
Consultant 4

*General Practitioner can have a maximum of 4 part time licesnes in Nurseries
For more information, please check Healthcare Professionals Licensing Policy and Circular no. (80) regarding Physicians transfer in-between branches of mother group.


Can a part time license have a different position than the full time license?

​Yes, it is possible to activate a part time license for a position that is not listed in the full time license​.

Will applying for Add/ Upgrade Professional Licenses service for the full time license reflect on the part time license(s)?

No, the part time license will not change unless the part time facility applies for the Add/ Upgrade service.

Is the professional permitted to practice in other branches of their full time license facility?

​Yes, according to Circular no. (80) for year 2016, a professional may practice in branches of their full time license facility. First of all, the facility and its branches should be registered as a “Group” in Sheryan; then the professional must be granted an approval from the facility account to practice in the selected branches.

Professionals holding part time licesnes cannot practice in the branches of the part time facility. They must apply for a new part time licesne.

Will the part time license(s) be automatically cancelled; if the full time license facility removed the part time license approval?

​No, the current part time license(s) shall remain active. However, those licenses cannot be renewed unless the full time license facility grant the part time license approval again​.

Will the part time license(s) be automatically cancelled if the full time license was cancelled?

​No, the status of the part time license(s) will be set to “Inactive” until a new full time license is activated and the full time facility grants an approval to re-activate the part time license. Clinical practice is not permitted when the license status is Inactive.

Will there be any penalties for the delay in renewing part time license(s)?

​No, in case the part time license was not renewed, the status will be set to “Cancelled” with no penalties. The part time facility must apply to activate the license again.

How can a part time License be converted into a full time License?

When the Full time license is cancelled, the part time facility has the option to convert the license into a full time license through the “Activate Professional License” service. The service fee would be AED 200 and the license will maintain the same validity of the converted part time license.

How can the full time license facility grant a part time license approval to the professional?

​This should be done from the Medical Director account, where the list of professionals should be accessed from the dashboard page then select the professional and approve the option of ‘Allow this professional to apply for part time licenses’.

Trainee License

Why is a trainee restriction added on certain professional licenses?

​Trainee restriction is put on professionals who do not fulfill the experience criteria as per Unified Healthcare Professional Requirements (PQR) and DHA credentialing team evaluation (e.g. Tier 3 degrees, gap of practice, fresh graduate). Once the requirements are fulfilled, the professional may update the license.​

How can an applicant apply for a "trainee" title with DHA?

​Applicants cannot apply directly on the system for the title of trainee. First, they must complete the Self ​Assessment Tool​ service selecting their main title, then according to the result of the self-assessment tool; the applicant should proceed into applying for either “Get Registered” or “Manual Review” services making sure to upload a copy of the training aproval from the training facility. Once the DHA credentialing team approves the application, a trainee restriction will be put on the professional’s registration.​

Where can the training period be completed?

​The required training should be a hands-on training in a training approved facility. If the professional wishes to train in Dubai, they may check for approved facilities in Dubai Medical Registry​ (filter by Add-Ons: Clinical Training Service and then contact the facility for more details). If the training is conducted outside UAE, then a valid license/ registration covering the training period must be provided.

Cancel Professional License

What should be done in case the facility is refusing to cancel the professional license?

The professional can apply for “Raise License Cancelation Issues​” service uploading supportive documents (e.g. New employment visa under new licensed healthcare facility, confirmation of employment Visa or labor card cancellation, Temporary permission to work in another healthcare facility from Ministry Human Resources and Emiratization) and DHA shall take the necessary action.

How can a facility cancel the license of the Medical Director if they do not have a substitute?

The Medical Director will have to apply for "Raise License Cancelation Issues" service with the required documents.

Revoke Professional License

When can a professional apply to obtain a new license if their license has been revoked?

"​DHA shall not accept applications by revoked professionals prior to a period of two (2) years from the date of revocation.
To re-applying provide a positive verification report of new documents to along with your complete deltails. This is subject for approval and you will be notified by email."


Good Standing Certificate

What is meant by the Good Standing Certificate (GSC) requested in the registration application?

Good Standing certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory licensing body, confirming the professional’s Good Standing (Lack of any malpractice) during his/her practice. The submitted letter must not be older than 6 months on the date of applying.​

How to obtain the Good Standing Certificate after the online application is approved?

The Good Standing Certificate can be found in the professional’s account by accessing “My Applications” page under Closed applications tab.​

What is the validity of the DHA Good Standing Certificate?

DHA Good Standing Certificate has no validity only an issue date. It is up to the receiving authority to decide whether to accept the certificate or not.

Will the Good Standing certificate include the name of the facility(s) the professional works or previously worked at?

No, the facility/ies details shall not be included in the issued certificate.​

Can a hard copy of the good standing certificate be sent abroad?

​Yes, DHA shall provide a stamped envelope with the letter that can be forwarded by courier (arranged by the professional).​

Can the professional apply for a Good Standing Certificate in case their license status is revoked/ suspended?

Yes, however, the letter will not be issued as “Good Standing Certificate” but instead as a “Letter of Current Status” with the period of the revocation / suspension.​

Why is the license validity date in the Good Standing Certificate different from the license card?

​If the facility cancels the professional license before the expiry date, the cancelation date will be the date listed in the certificate.​

How can the professional request a copy of the Good Standing Certificate forwarded by another health authority to DHA?

A request along with a copy of the professional’s passport must be emailed to

License Details Verification Requests

What is the process to verify a professional’s license details as requested by other authority(s)?

Visit the Request License Details Verification​ service page for the complete details

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

How to submit CPD/CME points to the professional account?

​Licensed professionals must update their account with the required annual CPD/CME points to ensure accessibility to other professional services.
This can be completed through applying for the service “Update CPD Points"

What is the number of CPD points required from professionals who have a license of more than one different categories positions (nurse and laser technician)?

CPDs will be pre-calculated by the system and will be equal to the category with the highest number of required CPD points as per the PQR

What will happen in case the professional did not manage to complete the required CPD points within the given period?

​If the professional underachieves the CPD target for the year, then the CPD points must be made up in the following year.

Amend Facility License

After obtaining an inactive facility license, is it possible to modify the approved application?

​Yes, modifications can be done with payment of required fees (Example: Change facility location, Add/remove specialty, Chang ownership. Except for the modification of "Change Facility Category").

What is required to obtain a permission for conducting a hands-on workshop or a clinical training program at a facility?

For Clinical ​Training programs: The facility must apply for “Amend Facility License” service and choose “Clinical Training service” from the “Add/Remove Add-Ons” list. 

For hands-on workshop: The facility must apply for "Request Tempirary Permit" service

What are the requirements to have a portable x-ray machine?

The facility has to add the specialty of Diagnostic or Radiology service; where only a Diagnostic Radiology/Radiology physician can operate the machine. In addition, an approval from FANR and Dubai Hospital is required.

Can IVF services be added to a polyclinic?

​IVF services can only be offered in a standalone fertility centers or hospitals.

Fines and Violations

Can fines/ violations be paid in installments?

​Fines (e.g. Renewal delay penalties) cannot be paid in installments. However, violations installment can be accepted provided the professional violation exceeds AED 5,000 and the facility violation exceeds AED 20,000.

What are the penalty fees for delays in renewing the professional license?

​To view all fees related to professional licensing click here.


Will there be any penalties for the delay in renewing part time license(s)?

No, in case the part-time license was not renewed, the status will be set to “Expired” with no penalties and the part time license facility must apply again in order to activate the license.​

Why is the facility fined for a professional renewal delay when the professional is no longer working with the facility?

It is the responsibility of the facility to renew or cancel the professional licenses of its staff. The arrears fee shall apply on the facility's account if the professional license has not been renewed or cancelled prior to its expiry date.

What is the list for violations in the Dubai?

​Decree of the Executive Council No. (32) of 2012 concerning The Regulation of Practicing Health Professions in the Emirate of Dubai is the primary reference for violations in the Emirate. If the healthcare facility or professional did not comply with the DHA regulations and guidelines, fines from Table (3) and table (4) shall be issued.

Health Inspections

The final inspection visit has been completed, yet the facility license is not yet issued?

​It is possible that the facility has a pending action in its account (check the Dashboard) or it could be due to not completing the mandatory survey which is required to issue the license.

How many routine inspection visits can be expected per year?

​For facilities other than Hospitals, a minimum of two visits per year are to be expected. The time interval between visits shall be based on the outcome of the inspection.

Can the inspection visit be reschedule after the payment?

​Yes, with no additional fees by communication with DHA on However, in case of fulfillment of DHA requirements, a new application must be completed with a new inspection visit appointment scheduling and payment.


What is the maximum number of doctors that can share a clinic/ consultation room?

​Two full-time physicians/dentists can share one room, providing their specialties require the same setting.

What is the required nurses ratio in the facility?

​1.    Assistant Nurse to Registered Nurse ratio is 2 : 1. However, for homecare facilities; it is required to have 8 nurses in total (3 AN to every 1 RN)

2.    Registered nurse /Assistant nurse to Physicians ratio is 1 : 2

3.    Registered nurse /Assistant nurse/Dental assistant to Dentist ratio is 1 : 1

What is meant by a school/nursery proof document?

​It is the Knowledge and Human Development Authority - KHDA license (Not the same as the trade license).

Can the request for a facility temporary closure be extended beyond 6 months?

​Yes, by submitting a new online application with clear and elaborated justification-subjected to DHA review and approval.

What is the cost of DHA professional licensing services?

​To view Professional Licensing Fees click here.

How to get a copy of the application payment receipt?

​The payment receipt for any application can be found by opening the application in the professional /facility account.


How to apply for medical complaint on a health Professional or a health facility?

Kindly click here

What are the contact details for Health Regulation Sector (HRS)?

Telephone: 800342

Email address:

Customer Happiness Center: Festival tower, working hours Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.

There has been a mistake in the issued sick leave certificate, can this be edited?

​No, Sick Leave certificate details cannot be changed once issued. The professional/ facility must apply for a new certificate (No refund will be accepted).

Would the facility license validity change upon changing the owner name?

No change will apply on the license validity after changing the owner name.

Is it mandatory to maintain the validity (renew) the facility and professionals licenses during the temporary closure period of the facility?

Yes, the facility shall be responsible to ensure renewing the licenses & pay any applicable fines.

What should be done to the medical director license when wanting to cancel the facility license?

​First, all other professionals’ licenses must be cancelled. Then upon DHA approval of the facility cancellation, the medical director’s license will be canceled at the same time.

Can the owner of the facility attain the designation of the Medical Director of the facility?

Yes, that is possible. As long as he/she fulfills the criteria of the healthcare professionals licensing.

Who should be the medical director of the facility?


The professional with the most senior position/ job title and longest duration of experience is considered the most suitable person for the position of the facility Medical Director.

How can the professionals’ licenses be updated in case of facility name change?

Each professional is required to apply online for “License Card Replacement” service from their account in order to obtain an updated eLicense.

How can a facility apply for medication related services (Narcotic medications related requests, medication disposal, report incidents, Request Controlled/ Semi Controlled Medication Transfer, purchase drug registers & emergency medication)?

​Details about medication-related services and requests can be found under "Manage Facility Medication" section in the page of facility services - Link