New Facility License

This service allows individuals and holding companies to request for a new healthcare facility License in the Emirate of Dubai under the jurisdiction of DHA. The license must later be activated through the Activate Facility License service in order to start operating. Through this service, the facility can request to add add-ons which include: home healthcare, telehealth, 24 hour facility, pharmacy delivery, pharmacy drive-thru, clinical training service, mobile unit (depending on the facility category, different add-ons are permitted).

Average Processing Time

10 working days

Who Can Apply

    • Investors and Delegated Representatives


    • Obtaining a trade license before applying to this service is optional.

Required Documents

    • Commercial property use NOC in case the chosen location is classified as residential
    • Floor plan from engineering/design company
    • Signed undertaking Letter from owner or POA
    • Trade license (if available)
    • Mobile Unit plan (if mobile unit add-on is requested)
    • Clinical Training Service Form (if clinical training service add-on is requested)

Service Steps

    • Fill and submit online application
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA review
    • Approved requests are issued with inactive facility licenses

Service Channel

    • Sheryan Portal

Additional Information

    • After your application is approved, if you have been required to obtain a FANR license, download those 2 forms (form 1, form 2) and fill the one covering your radiology equipment. Follow the steps in the email that was sent to the facility email address in order to obtain your initial approval for using radiology equipment before applying for the activate facility license service.
    • Self-inspection checklists
    • Please see the link below related to Health Facility Guidelines​

Approximate Cost

Initial Approval Fees AED 1000