Get Registered

DHA registration is a confirmation that the healthcare professional fulfills the requirements for the applied position (Category, title and specialty). It is valid for one year where a health facility should activate it into a license in order for the professional to start clinical practice. Maintaining an active registration secures the approved position without the need for re-assessment (providing there is no discontinuity in practice), in addition to being listed in Dubai Medical Registry.

Average Processing Time

1 working day

Who Can Apply

    • Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare, Nurses/Midwives, Traditional & Complementary & Alternative Medicine) who are not yet registered with DHA.


    • Submit required documents to the Primary Source Verification (PSV) Agency and receive verification result
    • Pass any required Computer Based Testing (CBT) assessments.

Required Documents

    • Recent passport size photo
    • Passport copy
    • Logbook for surgical specialties


Service Steps

    • Complete Self Assessment Tool service.
    • Complete the Primary Source Verification (PSV) through the Dataflow website and Pass any Computer Based Testing (CBT) assessments (if required) through Prometric.
    • Fill, link and submit online application for this service.
    • Pay required fees.
    • DHA reviews the application and provides result (Approve, Reject or Return for more information). Depending on the professional position, DHA may require an oral assessment. 
    • Pass oral assessment (if required)
    • In case of approval and passing oral assessment (if required), the registration will be issued and the professional will automatically become part of the Dubai Medical Registry.


Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

Approximate Cost

Credentialing Fees AED 200